Die impak van grasdakke op die natuur

Die gras wat gebruik word vir grasdakke en lapas kom van hernubare bronne af.  Die gemeenskappe wat naby die dekgras bly put dus ook ekonomiese voordeel uit hier die hernubare bron uit....==>>

Thatch Maintenance

Like most things in life if you don't employ proper maintenance your thatch roof will deteriorate into oblivion and will cost a pretty penny to repair.  As the African sun beats down on the...==>>

Behandel jou grasdak | lapa teen brand gevaar

Seker een van die grootste gevare vir grasdakke en lapas is brand. Daar is verskeie behandleinge op die mark wat help om brande te voorkom of te vertraag. 'n Brand het basies drie elemente nodig om...==>>

Thatching Basics

Thatching is the process of creating a roof surface using plant material. Roofs made with reed thatch are long-lasting, insulative and very beautiful.   Reed harvested in local fields and...==>>

Thatch Roofing Material

Thatched roof for a homeThatched roofs have endured for thousands of years, offering a durable roofing option that not only adds character to a charming cottage, but a modern home as well. However,...==>>

Thatch Roof and Aesthetics

Thatched roofs are wonderful! Once you see a well-designed building with thatched (straw) roof, you forget about all the other roofing technologies. The use of natural material is the secret why a...==>>